Trump Stays Strong in 2024 Race, Challenging Biden & GOP Foes

Donald Trump is still a force to be reckoned with if he runs against Joe Biden for president in 2024.

Even though the liberal mass media wants you to think otherwise, Donald Trump is still the most powerful person in the Republican Party and has the most influence with the party base. As a past president, they think that the Democrat Party and Joe Biden's government are still unfairly going after him. Even though he has a lot of support from Republicans, Trump is not the country's top choice over Joe Biden, according to recent polls. This means that the race for president in 2024 is still very close.

The mainstream news network NBC News just put out its latest poll about the 2024 election. It showed that Trump leads the other candidates by a huge 29 points, but if Trump and Joe Biden were to face off in a "Devil You Know vs. Another Devil You Know" fight, Biden would win by four points. RedState says that this is the same study that shows almost three-quarters of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. If Trump is still struggling to change that, then things aren't going well.

Now, it's still too early to tell what will happen in both the primary and general elections, but polls show that Trump is constantly behind Biden. Trump thinks he still has the crown and that anyone who challenges him is a pretender to the throne. His team spends more time fighting other Republicans than Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. As of right now, their plan is to beat down the Republican Party, just like he did in 2016.

But the 2024 polls will be very different from the ones that came before. Americans aren't happy with Joe Biden's government right now because it hasn't dealt with important problems like immigration and crime. Under his watch, the economy is in bad shape, and a recession still hangs over the American dinner table. His party could be accused of mistreating older people because the leader of the country seems to be an old man with memory. The rest of the Democrat Party supports damaging policies, like letting people dance naked in front of kids at Pride events and mutilating children for the sake of being "woke."

So why do studies show that Americans like Biden better than Trump right now? Most likely, it's because of all the drama surrounding Trump. His followers are so involved that many other Americans can't ignore how they act on social media. They focus on how the drama would end if Trump left office. If the rest of the Republican Party stayed in power, they could do just enough to stop the Democrats from acting on their worst impulses, since the Democrats support such crazy policies.

But Trump isn't going to drop out of the race for president. This makes it harder for the candidates who aren't Trump, especially Ron DeSantis. Even though the primary has to go through him, Trump fans can't be turned off by the campaigns. Trump and his team haven't paid enough attention to the fact that winning these elections takes a lot of strategic general election messaging.

It's too soon to say who will win the race for president in 2024. But it's clear that Trump is a force to be reckoned with in the Republican Party. Other people may run against him, but he has the best chance of beating Joe Biden in the next presidential election.

Written by Staff Reports

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