Cancel Culture Strikes Again: Poyer’s Charity Event Sabotaged by Woke Mob!

Buffalo Bills’ star strong safety Jordan Poyer has been forced to reschedule his annual Golf Charity Event that was slated to take place at Trump National Doral Miami. Unfortunately, the location of the event led to a few sponsors and golfers withdrawing at the last minute due to external pressures.

This is another example of the intolerant left’s cancel culture, where they attack any person, place, or event that is associated with former President Donald Trump. It’s a shame that the woke mob can’t stand to see a charity event take place at a beautiful golf course owned by a former president.

It is unacceptable to bully and harass individuals for their political beliefs in this country. Poyer’s event was meant to raise money for the ECMC Foundation, an organization that supports higher education for underserved populations through evidence-based innovation. The foundation was fortunate to be a beneficiary of Jordan Poyer’s golf tournament in Florida. They released a statement expressing their disappointment over the cancellation and encouraged Poyer to support them in his future events.

It’s a pity that a charity event that has been running for years had to be canceled due to the radical left’s political agenda. The Buffalo News reported that the backlash against the event was politically motivated. It is another example of the intolerance the left has for those who do not share their views.

Jordan Poyer is a talented athlete who has been playing professional football for over a decade. He has given back to his community through his charity golf tournament, but unfortunately, the left had to turn it into a political statement. It’s a shame that Poyer’s charitable efforts were derailed due to the intolerant left’s agenda. Nonetheless, Poyer is a champion on and off the field whose charitable efforts will undoubtedly continue to succeed.

Written by Staff Reports

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