CA School Forces Pride Video on Kids, Punishment Awaits Protesters

As parents, it is our duty to protect our children from the indoctrination and coercion of the radical left. The latest example of this comes from a high school in Huntington Beach, California where students were forced to watch a pride-themed video clip and threatened with punishment if they dared to question it. This is taxpayer-funded coercion at its worst.

Former Tennessee congressional candidate and popular conservative commentator Robby Starbuck shared a 29-second video of the incident on social media. The students can be heard groaning and even booing as the screen in the classroom shows rainbow flags blowing in the wind before cutting to two apparent females staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and caressing each other’s arms.

The children question the teacher about why they are being shown the video, with one even protesting with a loud “STOP!”. But instead of answering their questions, the teacher threatens the students with extra Saturday school days for the next year if they continue to be disruptive. The message is clear – bow to the left-wing ideology or pay the price.

This is not the first time California schools have been caught pushing inappropriate material on students. Earlier this month, a teacher was placed on leave for teaching minors about anal sex and advising them on where to purchase sex toys. These incidents highlight the radical agenda the left is trying to push on impressionable young minds.

The video shown to the students in this case was a part of an award-winning “Bolt TV” project produced by students that showcased the school and all the great things it had to offer. However, suddenly in the middle of the video, the mood changed abruptly, and the tone became somber. The students had to listen to a passionate plea for acceptance and change for the LGBTQ+ community in honor of Pride Month.

The message pushed by the radical left is clear – they want to force their agenda on our children at all costs. Tolerance and acceptance are one thing, but bowing to the pride flag 24-7 is another. It is time for parents to stand up against this indoctrination and fight to protect our children’s innocence.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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