Looming Trump Indictment: Weak Legal Grounds Exposed, Espionage Act Misuse?

The impending indictment of Donald Trump regarding the mishandling of classified information at his Mar-A-Lago resort is generating widespread concern.

After examining the details of the indictment, it's clear that the allegations don't have legal standing.

The allegation that Trump tried to conceal documents from prosecutors is a real problem. It could be legally problematic if tapes of him instructing his aides to obscure documents from his lawyers are made public.

The document also includes references to the 1917 Espionage Act, which is a questionable use of this statute in the case of Trump's alleged mishandling of classified information. This law was established to punish individuals who leak information that could harm the country. In recent years, prosecutors have been targeting government workers who leak classified information to the media.

Edward Snowden, Reality Winner, and Chelsea Manning are some of the individuals who have been accused of leaking information that was intended to damage the US.

Despite the various allegations against Trump, the left has not provided any evidence to support their claims. It's hard to believe that Trump was a tool of the Russians, or that he was a sleeper agent who was ready to carry out an attack on the US.

Despite being charged with violating the Espionage Act, Trump is not accused of being a spy. He's only charged with mishandling classified information.

It's also possible that the section in the indictment that refers to the alleged mishandling of classified information is too broad. Trump is not a hostile actor, and it's unlikely that he was involved in such activities. However, it seems that the prosecutors have the right to target him in this case.

The government will have to prove that Trump intentionally kept the classified information he was charged with possessing. This is because prosecutors do not have to prove that he knew it was national security information.

Trump's attempt to hide documents from his lawyers during the pre-indictment phase of the investigation has not made his case any easier. Getting out of this ordeal requires some good legal representation, and Trump has a hard time doing this on his own. It's likely better that he doesn't ask me for help.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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