Jordan Peterson Censored: Fights Back with Elon Musk’s Help Against Trans Agenda

Renowned psychologist, author, and well-known conservative thought leader, Jordan Peterson has once again been attacked by the left and their censorship campaign. YouTube banned Peterson’s video where he discusses the ideological enigma of transgenderism. Despite Peterson being a clinical psychologist with a ton of experience and knowledge in the psychiatric field, YouTube dubbed the video “hate speech.” But Peterson would not be silenced and took to Elon Musk’s Twitter account to fire back at YouTube’s absurd claims. Peterson tweeted that YouTube has accused him of conduct deemed criminal in many jurisdictions; this is simply unacceptable in any modern-day society; at least in a society that upholds individual liberty and free speech. Responding to Peterson, Musk invited him to re-upload the video on Twitter, and taking the initiative, Peterson took him up on his offer. Within a few hours, the video garnered almost one million views and more than 9,000 shares.

The left is terrified of the truth, and hence they resort to these Machiavellian strategies to keep their agenda thriving. It comes as no surprise when they impose false narratives on people, and when someone speaks out against the narrative, censorship and bans follow. The left controls information that is made available to people via social media, and they ensure that the information adheres to their narrative, which is a typical trait of totalitarian regimes and dictatorships. For example, the COVID pandemic provided an ideal scenario for the left to control the narrative, and anyone who tried to provide opposing views would be censored, shamed, and even punished.

Jordan Peterson’s case is not a rarity but a common trend in modern society where conservatives are the target of left-wing censorship. Regardless of the political beliefs, everyone should have the right to express their thoughts and feelings freely without fearing retaliation from social media or the government. The Marxist mentality that fuels the left’s censorship campaign must come to an end; only then can the world be a better place.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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