LGBTQ Indoctrination Hits CA Schools: Forced Pride Video Outrages Parents, Students

The radical LGBTQ agenda has once again infiltrated public schools, this time in Huntington Beach, California. Students were forced to endure a Pride Month video that featured images of Pride flags, and even a female couple kissing. As one brave student voiced his concerns, the teacher threatened the whole class with Saturday detention should they dare continue to question the appropriateness of the video.

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck has revealed that the video was shown in all classes that day, not just math class. Students are understandably upset at the forceful nature of the propaganda pushed onto them, as they are being coerced into accepting the LGBTQ lifestyle. This is yet another example of the left’s blatant indoctrination of our youth.

Pride Month has become a cause for parents and students to push back against changes in education and accommodations at public schools. While the mainstream media would have you believe that these changes are meant to make gay and transgender students feel more comfortable, the reality is that they are a direct attack on traditional values and common sense. Female high school students are being forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with biological males, and female sports are being infiltrated by males who have an unfair biological advantage.

As conservative states have taken steps to ban drag shows on public property, leftist judges and politicians have pushed back, accusing the right of being discriminatory. President Joe Biden, who has flip-flopped on the issue of same-sex marriage, has voiced his support for the LGBTQ community. However, the White House faced criticism after it elevated the Pride Flag to the same level as the American Flag on White House grounds.

It is time for conservatives to take a stand and fight against the indoctrination of our youth. We must stop the left from pushing their radical agenda onto innocent children, and we must protect traditional values at all costs.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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