Carson Backs Trump, Praises Economy, Wall & Worldwide Respect!

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson took to the airwaves in a recent interview to defend his endorsement of Donald Trump in the 2024 election. And boy, did he make a compelling case!

Carson, who served as a member of Trump’s cabinet, appeared on Sunday Morning Futures to lay out his arguments. With eight candidates already in the race for the Republican nomination, it’s important to hear from someone with inside knowledge.

During the interview, Carson pointed out all the wonderful things that happened during the Trump administration. He highlighted the booming economy, secure border, energy independence, and record low unemployment. Carson believes that any “objective person” would recognize these accomplishments.

But that’s not all. Carson also mentioned that African American voters are starting to come around to the Republican Party. He talked about how he used to be the only black person at conservative gatherings, but now there are “lots” of black faces. It seems that more and more African Americans are realizing that the policies of the previous administration were beneficial to them and their communities.

Carson’s endorsement of Trump is significant, especially with so many candidates vying for the Republican nomination. It’s clear that he sees something special in Trump and believes he is the best person to lead our country in 2024.

On the other side of the aisle, we have President Joe Biden running for reelection. But let’s be honest, after only a year in office, it’s clear that Biden’s presidency is not going as planned. From rising gas prices to a crisis at the southern border, it seems like Biden just can’t get anything right.

Overall, Carson’s endorsement of Trump is a powerful statement. It shows that the Republican Party is still strong and that Trump’s policies resonated with many Americans. It’s going to be an exciting race for the nomination, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Written by Staff Reports

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