Gaetz Ignites Crowd: Slams DC “Uniparty” & Hails FL’s Role in Political Upset

In a fiery speech at the Florida Freedom Summit, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz did not hold back as he called out the “uniparty” that has been running Washington, D.C. for far too long. With the fervor of a patriot, Gaetz credited the voters of Florida for instigating much-needed “regime change” by ousting two California House Speakers, one Democrat and one Republican.

Gaetz proudly declared that it was time for Republicans to start acting like Republicans again. He passionately spoke about his battle to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and replace him with Speaker Mike Johnson, a true conservative and a “proud Christian.” Gaetz believes that Johnson will unite Republicans against the failed policies of President Joe Biden and the congressional Democrats.

During his first days in office, Gaetz was met with Republican leaders who claimed he lacked patience, but it became clear to him that it was their lack of courage that hindered progress. Gaetz and seven other Republicans revolted against McCarthy, criticizing his recent spending deal with Democrats and his refusal to prioritize spending instead of passing omnibus bills.

Gaetz expressed his unwavering commitment to fighting against Republicans who act like Democrats. “When Republicans keep acting like Democrats, I will be in the battle with you and I’ll fight them too!” he declared, eliciting cheers from the crowd. He further emphasized the need for regime change within the people’s House.

Florida, with its population growth, played a vital role in shifting the balance of power. Gaetz proudly stated that Florida’s support led to the firing of not only one, but two liberal California Speakers. This reinforces the idea that the state’s conservative values are making a significant impact on the national stage.

Conservatives have found solace in the ascension of Speaker Johnson. His prioritization of battling President Biden, particularly in response to his request for an additional $100 billion to fund Israel’s war with Hamas, has resonated with the Republican base. On his first day in office, Johnson proposed defunding the IRS by an equal margin to cover the requested funds, further highlighting his commitment to conservative principles.

Gaetz’s impassioned speech can be watched below, where he eloquently exposes the failures of the current political establishment and offers hope for a brighter conservative future.

Written by Staff Reports

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