Chaos Crusaders Crash Biden’s Elite Bash with Ex-Presidents

Pro-Palestinian hooligans caused chaos in the streets of New York City on Thursday, even going so far as to disrupt President Joe Biden’s posh fundraiser with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The nerve of these troublemakers! The scene was nothing short of a circus, with video footage capturing the unruly protesters shoving police officers and spewing their pro-Palestinian rhetoric.

The audacity of these protesters knew no bounds as they descended upon Radio City Music Hall, where the esteemed presidents were gathered for a fundraiser. They shamelessly chanted slogans and blew whistles, causing utter mayhem and disrupting the event. One protester, a woman with a “war pig” sign and a whistle, had the nerve to warn of “nuclear war with Russia,” and was promptly ejected from the event. Good riddance!

As if that wasn’t enough, the protesters continued their obnoxious behavior, booing, and whistling during the fundraiser. They even had the gall to launch personal attacks, accusing Biden of having “blood on [his] hands” regarding his stance on Israel’s efforts against Hamas. Former President Obama attempted to reason with the unruly mob, reminding them that they should listen and not just talk. But of course, the delinquents didn’t listen to reason and kept causing disruptions. It was an embarrassment for the city.


Written by Staff Reports

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