Dems in Despair: Obama & Clinton Deployed to Rescue Biden’s Sinking Ship!

In a surprising turn of events, the Democrats are pulling out all the stops and dusting off not one, but two former presidents to give Joe Biden a much-needed boost. Yeah, you read that right – they are bringing out the big guns to prop up ol’ Sleepy Joe. It’s like calling in the A-team when your candidate is in serious trouble.

The fact that the Democratic Party is resorting to bringing in Barack Obama and Bill Clinton goes to show just how shaky things are looking for them. It’s like throwing a lifeline to a president who seems to have the political skills of a sleepy turtle. Let’s be real here – Biden wouldn’t even be in the White House if it weren’t for a certain pesky pandemic. Thanks, China, for the assist.

And let’s not forget the suitcase full of drama that the Biden family allegedly has with China. I mean, Hunter Biden’s little escapades with Beijing are practically a soap opera in and of themselves. So, it’s not exactly shocking that the Dems are desperate enough to bring in their old guard to save Biden’s bacon.

It’s like Biden’s team is scrambling to make this look like Obama’s third term. I mean, sure, we had our issues with Obama, but at least the man could string a coherent sentence together. Biden needing Obama and Clinton to help him out is like a desperate cry for help – like hitting the Life Alert button because he has taken a tumble and can’t get back up.

With everything going on in the world, from the chaos overseas to the sky-high inflation and that whole immigration mess, Biden is in over his head. 


Written by Staff Reports

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