Biden Admin Hides Dark Secrets Amid Palestinian Outreach Scandal

The Biden administration is once again being accused of shadiness and secrecy, this time involving internal records related to a Palestinian agency’s controversial social media post. The Office of Palestinian Affairs, housed within the State Department, has come under fire for their ill-advised plea for Israel to refrain from retaliating against Hamas terrorists. This request came as Hamas was committing heinous acts of violence against innocent Israelis, including rape, murder, and kidnapping.

The Center to Advance Security in America has filed a complaint against the State Department for withholding information about the OPA’s communications surrounding the social media post. The watchdog group is also seeking more information about the agency’s organizational structure, which they claim has been shielded from the public eye. It seems that the Biden administration would rather keep these details hidden than be transparent about the agency’s questionable actions.

This lawsuit comes at a difficult time for the Biden administration as they struggle to navigate their support for Israel while also appeasing the left-wing base of the Democratic Party. The OPA, previously known as the Palestinian Affairs Unit, was established in 2022 after President Biden reinstated Palestinian aid, a move that the Trump administration had previously halted due to concerns about the agency’s ties to terrorism and history of anti-Semitism.

The watchdog group has requested a comprehensive staff chart and details about the agency’s federal employees, as well as communication records related to the controversial social media post. Despite these requests, the State Department has seemingly gone “silent” and has not fulfilled its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It appears that the Biden administration is once again avoiding transparency and accountability.

The Center to Advance Security in America is taking a stand against the State Department’s lack of cooperation, arguing that the release of this information is in the public interest and crucial for understanding how taxpayer resources are being used to keep Americans safe. It’s clear that the State Department’s failure to adhere to FOIA requirements has left the watchdog group with no choice but to seek judicial intervention in order to uncover the truth.

It’s worth noting that the OPA did not respond to a request for comment, further adding to the air of secrecy surrounding these allegations. The Biden administration’s pattern of evasiveness and lack of transparency is becoming increasingly concerning, and it’s clear that they are not above hiding the truth to protect their own interests.

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