Chiefs Kicker Criticizes Pride Month, Urges Faith-Centric Values

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker recently delivered a speech at Benedictine College that encouraged students to stand up for their beliefs and criticized the celebration of Pride Month. The football star spoke out against what he referred to as the “deadly sin of pride,” taking a shot at Pride Month, which commemorates LGBTQ pride. 


Butker called on students to embrace true, God-centered pride and cooperate with the Holy Ghost to glorify God. He also voiced his concern about church leaders, suggesting that some priests prioritize their hobbies over their leadership responsibilities and criticized the church’s handling of the pandemic, claiming that many bishops were not leaders and were motivated by fear of being sued.

In his speech, Butker also took aim at what he described as hypocritical Catholics pushing dangerous ideas, urging the audience to stop pretending that the “Church of nice” is a winning proposition. His comments sparked outrage from LGBT activist Justice Horn, who took offense and criticized Butker on social media.

Butker’s speech at the Catholic liberal arts college in Atchison, Kansas, resonated with conservative values, challenging students and calling for a return to traditional beliefs. His remarks reflect the perspective of a conservative individual who is unapologetic about expressing his beliefs and concerns about the direction of society and the church.

Written by Staff Reports

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