Child-Grooming Teachers Are Targeted by Red-State Leaders

Adam Anderson, a Republican from Florida, has introduced a bill that would expand the state's ban on teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity to include public school employees. Another part of the legislation would prevent teachers and other school personnel from using gender-neutral pronouns.

This bill goes beyond a law that was passed last year, which prevented the teaching of about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

The state's guidelines state that students in kindergarten through third grade are not allowed to receive gender identity or sexual orientation lessons from school personnel or other people.

Although the bill initially stated that this restriction would only apply to charter schools, Anderson's bill would extend this ban to pre-K through eighth grade.

In addition, the bill would prevent school personnel from asking students about their preferred pronouns or referring to them using gender-neutral terms.

The bill defines a school employee or contractor as one who works for a public school district or institution and is not allowed to provide a student with their preferred pronouns or titles if they do not correspond to their biological sex.

According to the school's policy, a student cannot be subjected to discrimination or penalties for not providing their preferred pronouns or personal identifiers to school personnel or contractors.

The bill also states that employees, contractors, and students of public schools are not required to use their preferred pronouns or titles when referring to another individual.

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