Top Democrat Calls Witness A ‘White Supremacist’ – Hearing Goes WILD

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce witnessed a chaotic event on Wednesday, as Democratic Representative Cori Bush from Missouri accused a witness of being a white supremacist. In her opening statement, Bush voiced her disapproval of the oil industry and advocated for reducing reliance on it. She also condemned Republicans for inviting “for-profit think tanks and oil titans,” whom she claimed prioritized profits over the welfare of minority communities.

During the proceedings, Bush raised the issue of an unnamed witness who had authored an article in a college newspaper in 2000. The article allegedly claimed that “the African and American studies department has 23 classes and many of these classes African culture is presented not as”. In response, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado questioned the appropriateness of ranking members not showing respect to the present witnesses.

Afterward, Bush proceeded to cite further statements from the unnamed witness, alleging that they had reiterated the view that some cultures were inferior to Western cultures. This remark caused a stir among the Democratic lawmakers, who expressed their indignation, while their Republican counterparts came to the witness’s defense and urged respect for their testimony.

The Democrats’ actions demonstrate a willingness to resort to extreme measures to advance their radical agenda, even if it involves unfairly accusing innocent individuals of racism. This instance underscores how Democrats are willing to employ any tactics to promote their goals, regardless of the impact on others. It also serves as a reminder that Republicans must remain alert to defend their principles and not be intimidated by Democrats who prioritize their agenda over respectful debate.

Written by Staff Reports

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