China Ramps Up Military Pressure on Taiwan Amid Rising Tensions

In another show of strength, China sent more than a dozen military aircraft across the Taiwan Strait, provoking Taiwan’s defense ministry. Taiwan reported that 14 military aircraft flew close to the city of Keelung, which houses a major naval base. This aerial incursion follows a joint combat readiness patrol the previous day, where Chinese planes crossed a boundary that has traditionally separated China and Taiwan. China has been vocal about not recognizing this boundary, claiming Taiwan as its own territory.

China also conducted combat drills with landing craft, further raising tensions in the region. Taiwan has accused China of using new tactics, including night time combat patrols and increased coast guard patrols near Kinmen Islands, which Taiwan views as intimidating tactics. The drills and incursions come as Taiwan prepares to inaugurate Lai Ching-te as its next president, a move that has further angered Beijing due to Lai’s support for Taiwan’s independence.

The escalating tensions between China and Taiwan have led to a military and diplomatic standoff not seen since 1996. President Xi Jinping, known for his assertive leadership, has increased pressure on Taiwan, using a combination of military, diplomatic, and economic means. This has resulted in the current state of heightened tension, with China firing missiles near Taiwan’s coast and threatening “resolute and forceful steps” in response to United States military aid to allies in southeast Asia, including Taiwan.

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