GOP Senators Demand Resignation Over Clarke’s Undisclosed Past Arrest

A Republican senator questioned Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke during her 2021 confirmation hearing about any past arrests. Clarke initially said she had not been arrested, but later, it was found out she was once arrested for allegedly attacking her ex-husband with a knife.

The incident reportedly occurred in 2006 at her Maryland home, involving her ex-husband Reginald Avery. Clarke’s ex-husband mentioned how she became upset over him seeing another woman, leading to the knife attack, which caused the injury. Charges were dropped, and the matter was expunged from Clarke’s record.

Clarke addressed the situation, stating it was a troubling time she had tried to move past for her well-being. She expressed that the trauma and abuse she faced should not be endured by any woman. Clarke defended her decision not to disclose the expunged matter during the confirmation process.

Some Republicans, like Senator Mike Lee, have called for Clarke’s resignation due to the controversy. Lee criticized Clarke for allegedly enforcing civil rights laws selectively and accused her of lying under oath, suggesting she should step down from her position at the Department of Justice.

This incident involving Assistant Attorney General Clarke raises concerns about her credibility and suitability for the role. It is essential for officials tasked with upholding the law to be transparent and honest. The call for resignation by Republican senators highlights the need for accountability in public service.

Written by Staff Reports

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