Clapper Doubles Down on Hunter Laptop Conspiracy; No Regrets Despite Lack of Evidence

James Clapper, who was the former head of the National Intelligence Agency, said on CNN that the story about Hunter Biden's laptop was fabricated by Russia. He also defended his decision to sign a letter affirming the false information claim, noting that there was no proof of Russian involvement.

The Daily Fetched claims that there is no proof that Russia was involved in the laptop.

In response to a question, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that he doesn’t regret sending out a warning to the Russians about their activities during the 2016 presidential election. He noted that it was appropriate to do so, as it came after he had seen the Russians try to influence the election results. The letter was also appropriately caveated to acknowledge that there was no proof of Russian involvement.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed that the incident could be the "black hand" of Russia, but he also stated that the intelligence community is run by psychopaths. The former officials who claimed that the story about the Hunter Biden laptop was disinformation did not respond to the release of the internal emails.

According to a report by the Daily Fetched, the CIA was involved in helping the agency's personnel members sign a letter labeling the story about the Biden laptop as "Russian disinformation." One of the individuals who signed the statement was David Cariens, a former analyst for the agency. He told the Committees that a member of the agency's Prepublication Review Board informed him about the existence of the letter.

Source: Daily Fetched

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