REPORT: DOJ Halted Clinton Investigation, Deleted Evidence!

The Clinton Foundation Scandal: A Cold Case That Led Nowhere

If you listen to the liberal leaders, you might think that the claims about the Clinton Foundation are just a bunch of wild theories. But new papers and interviews with former Justice Department employees show that the investigation into the foundation’s shady dealings stayed open for most of President Trump’s time in office.

During the campaign, Trump said he would “lock her up” if the investigation into the Clintons’ contacts with foreign supporters during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state came to light. Even though FBI officers and prosecutors tried to stop it, it kept going. Republicans used the long probe as a rallying cry because they thought they would find evidence of corruption that would hurt Clinton’s chances in the election.

After conservative author Peter Schweizer published “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” in 2015, the Clinton Foundation started getting a lot of attention. The book looked at the money that foreign organizations gave to the foundation. Republicans said that Clinton did a “quid pro quo” when he backed the sale of Uranium One to a Russian nuclear agency. Uranium One is a Canadian company with mining interests in the United States. In return for big donations to his foundation, Clinton was said to have done this.

Based on what the book said, the FBI opened a preliminary probe in 2016, but it used hearsay information that couldn’t be proven. Based on information from confidential sources, the FBI opened up more cases all over the country. However, the Justice Department had doubts about their validity, which made FBI agents angry. Some judges even thought that the book by Schweizer had been disproven.

The way the Clinton Foundation case was handled caused a lot of trouble between the FBI and the Justice Department. It caused fights in public and led to the firing of the FBI’s deputy director, Andrew G. McCabe, who was accused of leaking information about the case and then lying about it. The Justice Department’s attempts to bring charges against McCabe failed.

In the end, the case was put under the control of agents in New York in August 2016, but prosecutors chose not to send out warrants. It looked like the investigation was over until it was moved to Little Rock. In 2018, prosecutors served the organization with a subpoena and talked to its former chief financial officer. Prosecutors in Little Rock finally closed the case in January 2021, and the FBI got a “declination memo” in August 2021, which meant the matter was over.

This new report shows that the FBI and Department of Justice are still not ready to look into Hillary Clinton and bring charges against her while Biden is president. Even President Trump wasn’t able to get Attorney General Sessions to do anything about the Clinton Foundation, which is shocking. Justice is meant to be fair for everyone, but it looks like that’s not the case under the Biden administration. The fact that the FBI threw away all of the proof they found during the investigation shows how dishonest government officials are.

It is not only important, but essential, for the American people to hold those in power accountable for their corrupt actions, no matter what post they hold or what party they belong to. The Clintons need to get what’s coming to them for all the bad deals they made around the world that only hurt the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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