Hillary Clinton Makes SHOCKING Admission About Biden’s Re-election

During a recent interview at a Financial Times event in Washington, D.C., former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that voters have the right to consider President Joe Biden’s advanced age when deciding whether or not to re-elect him to a second term. Clinton acknowledged the fear that comes with older presidents falling down, but she emphasized that no one has ever had “heart palpitations” over younger presidents falling down. She did, however, concede that his age is something that people have the right to consider.

Clinton proceeded to make the case for why Biden deserves to be re-elected. She praised him for his focus on creating jobs, growth, and planning for the future, specifically in regards to advanced technology like computer chips. She made it clear that she has hope that Biden will stay focused and competitive in the election because she believes he has a solid chance of being re-elected.

Despite Clinton’s unwavering faith in Biden, there is no denying the legitimacy of concerns about his age. Biden himself has admitted that his age is a legitimate concern and that the decision to run again wasn’t an “automatic” one. This is particularly concerning given that Biden is already the oldest person elected to the presidency in U.S. history and would be 86 years old at the end of a second term.

It is important for voters to consider all aspects of a candidate’s record, including their age, before casting their vote in an election. Age can have a significant impact on a candidate’s ability to effectively serve as president. Therefore, it is crucial that voters take this into account when deciding who to re-elect. It is comforting, however, to have a candidate like Biden who acknowledges and does not shy away from concerns about their age, making it clear that he only wants what is best for the country.

Source: Townhall

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