Sloppy John Fetterman Skirts Around Senate Dress Code By Voting From the Doorway

There’s been a shocking development in the Senate, and not the good kind. Apparently, Senator John Fetterman has been walking around the halls of the Senate building dressed like he just rolled out of bed. That’s right, instead of the expected business attire, the senator has traded in his formal suits for gym shorts and hoodies. What kind of example is he setting for the rest of the Senate? It’s simply unacceptable.

But according to the Associated Press, Fetterman’s “relaxed, comfortable style” is actually a sign of progress. Apparently, it’s a good thing that he’s no longer wearing suits like a normal senator. In fact, they’re hailing it as a “new dress code”, as if a senator dressing appropriately is something that needs to be changed. This is a clear example of the liberal media driving the narrative and pushing their radical ideas onto the American people.

But it gets worse. The senator’s staff had originally asked him to wear suits, but he refused. And now, instead of complying with the dress code like a responsible lawmaker, he’s found a loophole. He votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance so he doesn’t have to wear a suit on the Senate floor. This is just irresponsible and disrespectful behavior from a representative of the people.

It’s time for Fetterman to start acting like a serious senator and dress appropriately for the job. He’s not setting a new fashion trend; he’s simply showing a lack of respect for the Senate and the American people. We need lawmakers who take their positions seriously and understand the importance of setting a good example for others. It’s time for Fetterman to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult.

Written by Staff Reports

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