Closing in? Sen. Cruz Calls For Investigation Into Merrick Garland, FBI

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on Newsmax that former FBI director nominee and Justice Department official, Judge Merrick Garland, has done more damage to the FBI and Department of Justice's credibility than any other attorney general in history. He said that Garland should explain why he thought it was appropriate to raid the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida.

With just a couple of weeks left before the elections, Senator Ted Cruz said on "John Bachman Now" that he believes that his party will win the House and Senate. However, he noted that one of the first steps that his party should take is to hold hearings on the attorney general.

He also said that the FBI should be investigated for its actions during the Trump administration. The House of Representatives should also impeach Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The Senate should also hold hearings regarding the abuse of power by the various officials in the Trump administration.

Judge Garland, who was nominated by President Barack Obama, approved the application for a search warrant for Trump's home in Florida. He also wanted to seize various classified materials.

As for the investigations regarding the mishandling of classified materials by the various officials in the Trump administration, Garland still has to decide whether he will pursue charges against them.

It's not surprising that the attorney general would abuse his power by labeling parents as domestic terrorists. He reportedly wanted the FBI to target parents who criticized the policies that were being taught to their children about race and sexual assault in schools. They were also reportedly told that they were terrorists because they dared to speak out against what was being taught to their kids.

The FBI is also conducting interviews with parents as part of its investigation into the mishandling of classified materials. This is a disgraceful situation, and it's going on under the political leadership of the Department of Justice.

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