CNN poll reveals: 71% think DOJ is playing politics with Trump, 47% of Republicans still back him!

A new CNN poll released on Tuesday revealed that 71 percent of Americans believe that politics played a role in the Justice Department’s indictment of former President Donald Trump. The majority of adults, 55 percent, also think that Trump illegally mishandled classified documents. But let’s be real, we all know that the Biden administration is just using this as a political weapon to silence Trump and his conservative base.

Even more interesting is that despite the indictment, 47 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters still have Trump as their number one choice for the party’s primary. And 54 percent don’t even care about Trump’s conduct as much as they care about a president’s effectiveness. This just shows that Trump’s base is still going strong and not buying into the left’s witch hunt.

It’s also worth noting that a mere 12 percent of respondents believe that other Republican candidates should be condemning Trump’s alleged actions. And only 26 percent of those surveyed think that Trump should end his campaign because of the charges. This just goes to show how little influence the left and their mainstream media cronies have on the American people.

Regardless, a whopping 59 percent of Americans believe that Trump should end his campaign. But we have to ask ourselves, who are these 59 percent? Probably just a bunch of liberal snowflakes who are intimidated by Trump’s leadership and won’t even give him the chance to prove himself as a great president again.

Overall, this is just another example of the Democrats and the deep state using their power to take down a successful Republican leader. But we won’t be fooled. Trump still has the support of the people and we’re confident that justice will prevail.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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