Woke Disney Slips: “Elemental” Bombs at Box Office, Fans Reject Forced Messaging

Disney and Pixar have faced yet another box office failure with the release of “Elemental” this weekend, marking the second consecutive summer of theater bombs. While Hollywood is still discovering its footing in the post-pandemic era, traditional movie genres, such as comedies, romance, and adult dramas, are being largely ignored. As the movie industry attempts to adapt, Disney has become a vocal woke entertainment outlet with disastrous results. This past weekend, studios saw the failure of the comic book hero movie “The Flash” and the latest Pixar release “Elemental”, an allegory of immigration featuring characters representing the earthly elements. Although the film was predicted to earn $35-40 million, it earned just $29.6 million, making this one of Pixar’s worst openings ever.

The studio’s plans to highlight socially significant aspects of the production instead of emphasizing the story and characters were a flop. By insisting on having a mixed-race couple and a non-binary character in the lineup, Disney has provoked a negative response in audiences resulting in financial failure. It is a move that is unnecessary and has no relation to the fictionalized world of animated elements such as water and fire.

Disney’s content for the past few years has leaned heavily on social messaging, and it has shown no signs of decreasing any time soon, regardless of the fact that Bob Iger has taken control of the studio. His recent corporate earning call showed that the studio’s future releases will lean on existing franchises, but no new remedy for the issue. Although the move is safe, these films take years of production time, and any new products will likely take a considerable amount of time before they are released.

Pixar has achieved consistent success for decades, but their failed releases, such as “Onward,” “Soul,” “Luca,” and “Turning Red,” are evidence of the lack of success, pandemic closures notwithstanding, which are steering audiences away from movie theaters. If the studio wishes to restore its former reputation and financial success, it must scale down its wokeness and concentrate its efforts on producing high-quality stories and relatable characters.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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