CNN Reluctantly Agrees: Trump’s Mug Shot Will Skyrocket Popularity!

Former national security official for President Trump, John Bolton, gave his two cents on Trump’s recent indictments and infamous mug shot during an interview with CNN. Bolton shocked many by admitting that the indictments may actually be boosting Trump’s support rather than undercutting it. According to Bolton, Trump will cleverly use the Georgia indictment and the mug shot to his advantage, just as he has done with previous indictments.

But Bolton wasn’t afraid to criticize his former boss. He called the mug shot carefully staged and suggested that it was intended to intimidate prosecutors and judges. Bolton even went as far as saying that Trump could have smiled or looked benign but instead chose to look like a thug. Talk about some harsh words from a once trusted advisor!

During the interview, Bolton also speculated about the potential political impact of the pending trial of defendant Ken Chesebro. If Chesebro is acquitted or gets a hung jury, Bolton believes it will have an “unbelievable political effect” and vindicate Trump’s narrative. Additionally, Bolton predicted that Trump’s legal team will likely seek to have the trial moved to federal court.

Meanwhile, Trump wasted no time in leveraging his mug shot for popularity. He posted it on his Twitter account, which generated quite the buzz among his followers. Some supporters even created memes and expressed their belief that the mug shot would drum up more support for Trump than ever before. Anti-corruption investigative journalist James O’Keefe showed his solidarity by sharing his own mug shot and quoting Martin Luther King Jr.

One staunch Trump supporter, Robert Barnes, created a meme with the caption “Wanted For President.” Clearly, some people see Trump’s mug shot as a badge of honor, comparing it to the mug shots of civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr.

In the end, it seems that Trump’s mug shot may ironically be boosting his popularity and rallying his supporters. Who would have thought that a simple booking photo could have such a profound impact on politics? Only time will tell how this unconventional move will play out in the long run.

Written by Staff Reports

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