CNN Says Trump Is Inciting a ‘Call to Arms’

On Friday's edition of "New Day," CNN anchor Chris Wallace stated that it was obvious that some of former President Donald Trump's supporters would hear a "call to arms" in his comments about the possibility that he will be indicted. Wallace made this statement in reference to the Capitol riot that occurred on January 6, 2021.

When asked about the possibility of getting indicted, Donald Trump responded on Thursday on the nationally syndicated radio show of Hugh Hewitt by saying, I think if that happened, I think you'd have issues in this country the likes of which probably we've never seen before.  I seriously doubt that the people of the United States would be willing to put up with it.

In addition, he stated, I believe that they would have enormous problems, big problems. It's just not possible that they'd put up with it. They are not going to tolerate this in any way, shape, or form.

John Berman, the other co-host, questioned, What exactly is he saying there? What do you make of the sound?

After the events of January 6, Wallace stated, Look, you definitely have to bring up the topic in light of those events.  I mean, it clearly raises the prospect of a violent protest; at least, he didn't say it specifically; nonetheless, it does increase the idea of a protest. This is a cause for concern. You should know that on January 6, the world began to shift, and since then, it doesn't matter what I hear from Donald Trump so much as it matters what his fans hear from him. And it is very evident that what they are hearing is a rallying cry to take up guns in many instances. Therefore, this should be a cause for caution.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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