CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Calls for Biden Cognitive Testing After Debate Performance

President Joe Biden’s mental acuity has been a topic of scrutiny following his debate performance against former President Donald Trump. Reports from Breitbart highlight CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta suggesting an evaluation for the president.

Dr. Gupta pointed out Biden’s “halting speech” during the debate, attracting attention from neurospecialists worldwide. Gupta emphasized the sustained nature of Biden’s speech issues during the 90-minute debate.

The CNN medical correspondent highlighted various speech patterns and behaviors that could have neurological implications, hinting at a potentially deeper problem requiring further testing for diagnosis and treatment.

Concerns about Biden’s cognitive state have also been echoed by others, including former Republican Bill Kristol. Gupta’s call for detailed testing aligns with his recent op-ed urging Biden to undergo cognitive and movement disorder examinations.

Despite these concerns, Biden dismissed the need for a formal examination, claiming to undergo cognitive tests daily through his activities. In an interview with ABC News, Biden asserted his capability to manage his duties without the need for external evaluation.

The ongoing debate surrounding Biden’s mental fitness continues to generate discussion and speculation, with calls for transparency and comprehensive testing persisting from various quarters.

Written by Staff Reports

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