Colorado Dems Launch Assault on Gun Rights, Patriots Furious

Colorado Democrats are steamrolling ahead with their plans to trample on their residents’ Second Amendment rights. In a brazen show of partisan power, they passed a bill in the House Judiciary Committee to ban the sale and purchase of so-called assault weapons. Not surprisingly, this move was backed by the party line vote of 7-3, demonstrating once again their disregard for the values of all Coloradans.

The bill, known as HB24-1292, has sparked outrage among conservative lawmakers and gun rights proponents. Among its egregious provisions, the bill seeks to outlaw semi-automatic handguns with detachable magazines and threaded barrels, regardless of caliber. The so-called “assault ban” even goes as far as restricting the ownership of semi-automatic firearms that do not accept detachable magazines, unfairly targeting responsible gun owners.

Despite opposition from those who defend the Second Amendment, Democrats have shamelessly pushed this bill forward, claiming it’s necessary to address the threat of mass shootings. However, their argument conveniently ignores the fact that law-abiding citizens’ access to these firearms is not the cause of such tragedies. Instead, it’s a distraction from the real issue at hand.

Furthermore, the bill’s inclusion of suppressor restrictions is baffling. Suppressors are not only beneficial for hunting but also for protecting the environment and shooters’ hearing. It’s an outright attack on responsible gun ownership and an affront to the rights of Colorado hunters and sportsmen.

The bill’s critics rightly argue that it would infringe upon the rights of Colorado residents to own certain handguns for self-defense. This heavy-handed approach by the Democrats disregards the long-standing tradition of responsible gun ownership in the state.

It’s clear that Colorado Democrats are using this bill as a smokescreen to push a broader anti-gun agenda. Rather than targeting the root causes of violence, they have chosen to penalize law-abiding citizens who have committed no crimes. This is nothing short of an assault on the Second Amendment and a blatant disregard for the rights of Colorado residents.

Written by Staff Reports

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