Trump Calls for Unity with Proposed 15-Week Abortion Ban

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump indicated his support for a national 15-week abortion ban. The comments were made during a radio interview with the “Sid & Friends in the Morning” show on WABC.

Trump mentioned that he believes a 15-week limit could be a unifying factor for the country, suggesting that even those who are considered firm in their stance on abortion seem to be in agreement on this timeline. He also emphasized the consensus among legal scholars that abortion is a matter for individual states to decide, rather than the federal government.

The former president’s focus on the issue has been highlighted in recent reports, with an emphasis on how it may influence his choice of vice presidential candidate. According to sources, he is aware of the potential pitfalls associated with taking a hardline stance on abortion and is seeking to avoid any negative repercussions for the election.

Trump expressed a desire to find a solution that satisfies both sides of the abortion debate, indicating a willingness to navigate the complexities of this divisive issue.

Trump’s statements signal his support for a 15-week abortion ban and his strategic approach to addressing the issue in a way that could have a positive impact on his political agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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