Commanders’ New Name Sparks Boycott Threat from Native American Group!

The Washington Commanders football team is facing pressure from the Native American Guardians Association to change its name back to the Redskins. The group threatened to boycott the team if they don’t comply with their request. In a letter, the association referred to a recent boycott of Anheuser-Busch, which resulted in a substantial financial loss for the company, as an example of what could happen to the team.

As a conservative Republican news writer, it is clear that this boycott threat is just another example of cancel culture run amok. The group claims that 90% of Native Americans do not find the Redskins name offensive, yet they still want the team to change it back. This is just another case of a vocal minority trying to dictate what the majority should think and do.

It’s important to note that other sports teams, like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Blackhawks, have been able to keep their Native American-inspired names without facing the same level of scrutiny. These teams have found a way to honor and respect Native American culture while still maintaining their team names. The Washington Commanders should be applauded for their efforts to evolve and find a name that is inclusive and respectful to all.

Furthermore, the petition mentioned in the letter, which calls for the team to change its name back to the Redskins, is just another example of mob mentality. Just because a petition has a certain number of signatures, it doesn’t mean that it represents the true sentiment of the American people. We cannot allow online petitions to dictate our actions and decisions.

In conclusion, the Washington Commanders should stand strong against this boycott threat and continue to embrace their new name. They have made a conscious effort to be inclusive and respectful to all, and they should not be forced to change simply because a small group of individuals disagrees. Cancel culture has no place in our society, and we must resist its attempts to erase our history and traditions.

Written by Staff Reports

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