Exposed: Dem Lawmaker’s Sister Masterminded Smear Campaign on His Accusers

Madeline Cuomo, the sister of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been revealed as the mastermind behind a covert online campaign aimed at discrediting and smearing the women who came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against her brother. The campaign, known as We Decide New York, consisted of dedicated Cuomo campaign volunteers who followed orders to post unflattering photos of the victims and send threatening anonymous messages. Internal messages retrieved by the New York Times shed light on how Madeline Cuomo kept her brother informed of these devious efforts to protect him.

The campaign kicked off when Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to Governor Cuomo, disclosed that her boss had touched her inappropriately and tried to kiss her. A barrage of anonymous messages flooded Twitter, targeting Bennett. One message, originating from a member affiliated with We Decide New York, warned Bennett that her life would be scrutinized in a way comparable to a dissected frog in a high school science class. As time went on, Madeline Cuomo became more personally involved, instructing activists to find and post “photos of Charlotte in her sex kitten straddle” from her private Instagram page. She even provided specific instructions to her team, asking them to look for “bimbo photos” or images of “unsophisticated girls.”

Over 4,000 messages exchanged between Madeline Cuomo and her team were uncovered, highlighting her association with these efforts. In some of these messages, she informed participants that her brother was “seeing everything” and was exceedingly proud of their hard work. Madeline Cuomo later claimed that she acted alone and that her brother was unaware of her actions. She later admitted that she had fabricated the text messages about her brother’s awareness to make the volunteers feel appreciated. However, a spokesperson for the former governor denied any knowledge or involvement in the campaign and stated that the governor does not personally use social media or follow any accounts.

Sandy Behan, who held the position of president in We Decide New York, revealed her disillusionment with the Cuomo family after her interactions with Madeline Cuomo. She described Madeline as demanding and manipulative, using the campaign as a tool to further her brother’s interests. The scandal ultimately led to Governor Cuomo’s resignation in August 2021, as the Democratic-controlled New York Legislature was likely to remove him from office. Just one month earlier, his brother Chris Cuomo, a prominent CNN anchor, was dismissed for exploiting his show to cast doubt on the accusers while secretly collaborating with his legal team to shape public statements. The former governor accused the state’s attorney general of pursuing a politically motivated case against him.

The Cuomo family’s involvement in these despicable actions highlights the degree to which they were willing to go to protect their own political interests. It’s disturbing to see Madeline Cuomo leading such a malicious campaign against women who bravely spoke out about their experiences. The fact that she involved dedicated campaign volunteers to carry out these attacks shows a complete lack of empathy and respect for these individuals. It’s a shame that the Cuomo family chose to prioritize their own power over justice and fairness. Their actions further damage the public’s trust in politicians and reinforce the need for accountability and integrity in our elected officials.

Written by Staff Reports

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