Conservatives Bind Biden’s Green New Deal To History Saleswoman

Can you imagine how ludicrous it would be for the Biden administration to impose the Green New Deal on a people that is already having trouble providing for their families and filling their petrol tanks?

The entire Biden Administration is plagued by a heinous lack of self-awareness. Top administration officials have not yet won over the favor of the American people, and Biden’s popularity ratings remain at record-low levels. It turns out that persistent gaslighting and propaganda tactics are not well received by the majority of people.

Even though an increasing portion of Americans are experiencing financial hardship, the White House continues to insist that the U.S. economy is booming. Without considering the true issues that the majority of Americans are actually facing, the government is holding tenaciously to weak evidence from various “experts” to support these claims.

When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to promote Green New Deal policies on struggling Americans, the widespread gaslighting within Biden’s cabinet reached a crescendo.

Her out-of-touch interview unequivocally demonstrated that Biden’s administration is wholly disconnected from the American people and instead lives in a liberal echo chamber. When many families struggle to pay for groceries, bragging about a 30% government rebate for solar panels just serves to highlight the growing gap between everyday people and our ostensibly “elected” leaders.

After Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm proposed that lower to middle-class Americans may combat the growing cost of living by spending thousands in solar panels and other green energy efforts, conservatives totally destroyed her.

By stressing specific tax incentives offered to consumers who spend tens of thousands of dollars on electric vehicles and environmentally friendly home improvements, Granholm tried to demonstrate the financial advantages of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act.

The majority of low-income Americans do not own their own homes, especially millennials who have been denied the opportunity to buy real estate at a fair price, something that Biden’s Energy Secretary never took into account.

The true degree of the Biden administration’s disconnect was quickly revealed by critics.

Americans need to realize that these repulsive globalists don’t care about or have any faith in the future of the United States.

They want to abolish our boundaries, change the economic system, and establish a liberal global empire supported by big business.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Sons of 1776.

Written by Staff Reports

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