Liberals See What It’s Like to Be Flooded With Illegal Immigrants

The President, Joe Biden, had no problem at all with illegal immigrants entering the country via bus. He would drive his busses to the border in an attempt to pick up the maximum number of illegal immigrants. He gave the drivers of the buses the instruction to take the passengers to a variety of different spots across the nation and disembark there. The passengers would then disembark from their vehicle and vanish into the surrounding population, never to be seen or heard from again.

The illegal immigrants were sent to many sites that were not prepared to deal with the large number of individuals. The individuals were allowed to disembark from the buses, and they were given instructions to look after themselves by the respective states. During his massive assaults on the nation's constitutionally protected right to self-government, Biden put illegal immigrants ahead of the country's own citizens.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, was not going to allow former President George W. Bush walk all over his state. He advocated a strategy to teach the Democrats a lesson about the consequences of their actions.

It was only right that Biden's government and supporters share in the suffering of dealing with illegal immigrants, so Abbott declared that he would begin sending busloads of illegal immigrants to New York City and Washington, D.C. Abbott said that he would do this because it was only fair. The astute move by Abbott drew the attention of the officials in New York City, who are now scurrying to find solutions to the strain caused by the large number of illegal immigrants who are being released into the streets.

The city officials did not express much enthusiasm about the presence of illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods. Immigration Commissioner Manual Castro made the following observation: What is new now, is the systematic redirection of refugees and immigrants to New York City by external factors, notably by the vile, cruel, and cowardly conduct of Texas Governor Greg Abbott." He is of the opinion that the burden of illegal immigrants should be placed on other parts of the country, and not on the region in which he resides.

The acts that Abbott is taking, according to the Democrats' point of view, are harsh and unjust. On the other hand, one might make the same point about how Biden is transporting illegal immigrants to parts of the country that are a significant distance from his home. The liberals feel that they ought to be exempt from the miseries that a large number illegal immigrants will suffer in the communities where they are disposed off, and they believe that this should be the case because they are liberals.

The Committee on General Welfare is currently led by Adrienne Adams, who serves as chair. She made the following point: Even while there may be an increase in the number of people requesting refuge in New York City, this does not mean that these individuals are to responsible for problems that have historically afflicted our system.  She wants to stress that the illegal immigrants are not to blame for the problem. However, they are the ones who entered the country illegally because they traveled here without first going through the proper channels.

The successful operation of Abbott's bus service is attracting the attention of local administrators. In the coming days, a number of more buses will arrive and unload further illegal immigrants. The city is on the verge of being invaded by the undocumented immigrants that the populace adores and supports as president of the country.

The Governor of Texas was not about to stand idly by and let President Biden wreck the state of Texas. His efforts were taken in order to ensure the safety of the state of Texas.

The mayor of New York City had claimed that his city was a sanctuary city and that it was prepared to house all illegal immigrants. Abbott took advantage of the opportunity and began bringing undocumented immigrants into the city so that they may reside there. He is assisting the Democratic mayor in realizing his goal of populating the city with illegal immigrants.

Gary Jenkins, the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services, stated that the city made a mistake and was unable to house four of the first few families that showed up. New York City officials may claim that they are prepared for the influx of people, but Jenkins stated that this was not the case. Many more people were able to avoid detection by the system but were ultimately forced to remain at the facility where they could receive treatment.

The nasty liberals in New York placed the blame for the inability to provide care for the families on the officials in Texas, claiming that the officials were unaware that the people were coming from Texas. However, Greg Abbott had been spreading the false information that the buses were going in the opposite direction, to the north. The city officials chose to disregard his announcement, and as a result, they were unable to fulfill their responsibility to look out for the welfare of the citizens.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Morning Pundit News.

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