Coons Pushes Baseless Trump Smears on Leftist TV!

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) went on a leftist news show to peddle his anti-Trump propaganda, claiming that all the criminal charges against former President Donald Trump are “well founded.” Coons is so far gone in his delusions that he’s now spewing these wild claims on national television. But fear not, because the truth always prevails!

Anchor Ali Velshi, who clearly has an agenda of his own, tried to defend Coons’ outrageous statement by quoting Trump and suggesting that political recriminations and prosecutions are just a normal part of a functioning democracy. This is nothing but liberal nonsense! Thankfully, Coons was there to set the record straight and talk some sense.

Coons made it clear that Trump’s attempt to discredit the charges against him as politically motivated was just a weak excuse. Coons pointed out that Trump will face judgment not only from the American people but also from the courts. He detailed the different legal actions Trump is facing, including economic and personal consequences, to drive home the point that these are serious charges that cannot be dismissed as political theater.

And let’s not forget about Trump’s legal challenges to the 2020 election! Coons took the opportunity to remind everyone of Trump’s 60 failed attempts to undermine the election’s legitimacy. It’s clear that Trump has a track record of flimsy legal claims, and his attempts to dismiss the criminal charges against him are just more of the same.


Written by Staff Reports

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