Coors Delights Conservatives: Would You Pick Beer Named After Rip Wheeler?

Coors Brewing Company has recently capitalized on the missteps of its competitor, Bud Light, by launching a successful marketing campaign featuring “Yellowstone” actor Cole Hauser, who plays the cowboy character Rip Wheeler. The ad promotes Coors Banquet and emphasizes its appeal to a diverse range of individuals, such as rock stars, smugglers, cowboys, and even presidents. The choice for beer drinkers is clear: Do they want to drink the beer of Dylan Mulvaney or Rip Wheeler?

While Bud Light has experienced a significant decline in sales and popularity, other beer brands have seen considerable benefits. Modelo, for example, has become the top-selling beer by the end of June. Additionally, Coors Light, Miller Light, and Corona Light have all experienced increases in sales. This presents a strategic opportunity for Molson-Coors to establish their label as Bud Light drinkers look for alternative brands.

The new ad campaign featuring Cole Hauser has already proven successful, contributing to Coors Banquet’s double-digit growth in sales. The clever choice of Rip Wheeler as a spokesperson aligns with the brand’s reputation for appealing to rugged and adventurous individuals. This move highlights the savvy marketing tactics employed by Coors Brewing Company to capitalize on the difficulties faced by their competitor.

In conclusion, Coors Brewing Company’s decision to feature Cole Hauser in their ad campaign has paid off, propelling their sales to new heights during a time when the popularity of Bud Light is waning. This serves as a reminder of the importance of strategic marketing in the competitive beer industry.

Written by Staff Reports

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