Trump Smashes Biden in Hypothetical Showdown, New Survey Reveals!

According to the New York Times, a hypothetical matchup between President Biden and former President Donald Trump in the 2024 race showed that they are tied. 43% of registered voters chose to vote for both candidates, while 14% did not vote for either candidate. Some people in the "Neither of the Above" group said they won't vote in the general election, while others said they'd rather vote for a third-party candidate. This shouldn't be a surprise, since Americans are tired of the same old choices and want to see new people in politics.

It looks like Biden would be a slight favourite if he ran against Trump again. But people shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the result in 2024 will be the same as the result in 2020. After all, Trump's problems with swing votes may get worse as the number of charges against him grows. The race is very close, and Biden doesn't have as much support among Democrats as you might think. Even though the number of Democrats who support him has grown since last year, his support is still "a mile wide and an inch deep." This means that even though a lot of Democrats plan to vote for Biden, a lot of them also want another Democrat to be the nominee. In fact, only 20% of Democrats are excited about the idea of Biden being their party's choice. This shows that Biden's own party is still not very excited about him, which could be a problem for him in the next race.

The New York Times/Siena poll also shows that Trump is the most popular Republican candidate, even among those who think he committed "serious federal crimes." This shows that Trump still has a lot of support among Republicans and that his supporters are not quickly turned off by accusations against him. Trump still has a strong hold on the Republican Party, and Biden will have a hard time beating him if they run against each other again in 2024.

Overall, this poll shows that the race between Biden and Trump in 2024 could be close. Even though Biden has a small lead right now, he still has a long way to go. The former president could win if Trump's supporters are faithful and if Democrats aren't excited about Biden. This will be a very interesting race to watch, and both candidates will have to work hard to win over unsure voters and get the support of their own parties.

Written by Staff Reports

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