Explosive Testimony Exposes Hunter Biden – MSM Scrambles to Defend!

In yet another desperate attempt to protect their chosen one, reporters in the mainstream media have once again twisted themselves into pretzels to downplay the explosive testimony delivered by former Hunter Biden business partner, Devon Archer. It seems that no matter how incriminating the evidence, they will stop at nothing to shield their beloved Democrats from scrutiny.

But fear not, fellow conservatives! The truth will always find a way to shine through the murky fog of liberal deception. And in this case, the truth comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Archer confirmed what we have suspected all along: Hunter Biden used his father’s position of power to benefit himself and his shady dealings.

Not only did Archer reveal that Hunter put the then-vice president on the phone during business meetings multiple times, but he also admitted that having Hunter on the board of Burisma was crucial because he brought “the brand” to the table. Can you believe it? The son of the Vice President of the United States, cashing in on his family name and influence. It’s the epitome of swampy corruption!

But instead of reporting the facts and holding the Bidens accountable, the media has once again come up with their own absurd defenses. Take, for example, Politico’s White House Bureau Chief, Jonathan Lemire, who suggested that maybe Joe Biden was just too preoccupied with his son Beau’s illness and eventual passing to pay attention to Hunter’s misdeeds. Give us a break, Lemire! Don’t insult our intelligence with your feeble excuses.

And let’s not forget about the ever-reliable CNN, who somehow managed to find a source to claim that Hunter Biden was merely selling the illusion of access to the vice president. Oh, please! We all know that if your last name is Biden, access to power and influence is practically guaranteed.

It’s time for the American people to see through the mainstream media’s biased reporting and demand transparency and accountability from our politicians. The Bidens are not above the law, and it’s time they face the consequences of their actions. Let’s hope the truth prevails and justice is served. Stay vigilant, patriots! The battle for truth continues.

Written by Staff Reports

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