Cruz Caves, Backs Trump: “Lyin’ Ted” Joins MAGA Comeback!

Surprisingly, only one day after Donald J. Trump's resounding win in the Iowa caucuses, Texas Senator Ted Cruz publicly endorsed the former president. This action is being taken in spite of Trump's infamous designation of Cruz as "Lyin' Ted" during the 2016 primary. Cruz has now teamed up with the former president to oppose Joe Biden's plan and offset the Democrats' alleged negative goals.

Cruz made a strong declaration on social media, saying, "I am proud to support Donald J. Trump for president. It's time for us to band together to remove Joe Biden from office and prevent the Democrats' divisive agenda from affecting our nation."

Cruz has formed a unified front behind Trump in the GOP presidential primaries with the backing of at least twenty-three additional senators from the United States. Cruz encouraged his followers to make donations to assist the opposition to Biden, fostering a sense of unity among conservatives. He underlined the need for a resounding show of solidarity and the joint endeavor with Trump to "defeat Joe Biden & Save America."

Cruz has stayed strong in his support for Trump, having previously endorsed him in both the 2020 and 2016 election campaigns, despite the earlier accusation of being "Lyin' Ted." This unanticipated alliance highlights the Republican Party's unity as they prepare for the impending political confrontation.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is still unsure about which candidate to support despite Cruz's crucial endorsement. But he also delivered scathing critiques, advising Republicans to avoid Nikki Haley and to "Never Nikki" during these pivotal contests.

The conservative side fortifies its unity in anticipation of the difficult struggles that lie ahead as the dynamic political landscape plays out.

Written by Staff Reports

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