Biden White House Shaken by Alarming Rise in Swatting Stunts!

The Biden administration is on high alert as an increase in attempted swattings of government officials has the White House on edge. After a false report of a fire at the White House on Monday, the administration announced they would be “very closely” monitoring these dangerous pranks.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the incident during Tuesday’s press briefing but initially declined to comment. However, when pressed on the potential risk posed to society by this trend, she acknowledged the danger and affirmed that it would be closely monitored, particularly by the Secret Service.

The false report targeting the White House was made from an anonymous number in the early morning, and similar incidents targeting individuals linked to former President Donald Trump have also occurred without any suspects or arrests.

The administration has condemned these threats and violence, with Jean-Pierre emphasizing their steadfast commitment to denouncing any form of threats or violence against government officials.

The Biden administration is taking these incidents very seriously, and the heightened vigilance comes amid concerns about the safety and security of government officials. These attempted swattings are posing a real risk to society, and the White House is adamant about addressing and preventing further false alarms that could potentially endanger lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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