Dan Bongino Declares GOP Primary OVER After Trump’s CNN Appearance

On Thursday, former Secret Service agent and commentator Dan Bongino declared the GOP primary over after CNN’s town hall with Republican contenders. His prediction is based on the media’s failed attempts to control Donald Trump, which they thought could be accomplished through their biased ratings. However, Trump has proven again and again that he cannot be controlled.

Bongino is not alone in his assessment of the town hall. During the event, CNN’s Kaitlyn Collins showed her incompetence and lack of professionalism, causing the event to be a complete disaster for both CNN and the Republican contenders. “Last night, CNN thought it was going to be the kill shot for Donald Trump. It turned out to be the kill shot for CNN. I mean, absolutely body bagged the CNN audience last night,” Bongino remarked.

Despite this, Bongino clarified that he has respect for many of the candidates in the race. He has praised Tim Scott’s story and described Florida’s governor as the best the state has ever had. However, it is clear that the GOP primary is effectively over.

It is time for the Republican Party to unite behind Donald Trump and begin preparing for the general election. Trump has proven his resilience and his ability to win against all odds. Now, it is time for Republicans to come together and support their nominee. The time for division within the party is over.

Written by Staff Reports

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