MASSIVE Waves of Immigrants Cross Border as Title 42 Expires

Joe Biden’s move to end the Title 42 policy, which allowed for the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants, has caused chaos at the border. As of Friday, busloads of illegal immigrants from Juarez have been allowed into the United States under the “watchful” guard of border patrol officers now tasked with relocating entrants who claim refugee status.

One video shows a border patrol agent pleading with a reporter to stop filming individuals entering the bus, saying they are trying to “protect the privacy” of those involved. Many agents worked hard to push reporters back even farther, as they tried to avert attention from the crisis.

Drone footage captured a massive line of migrants entering Brownsville, Texas, with overcrowding in nearby facilities being the result of Title 42’s cancellation.

The National Border Patrol Union has called it the “worst sustained disaster” to ever occur at the border, adding that Biden is responsible for it. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday shows Biden receiving support from just 40 percent of Americans, a near-historic low.

Critics from the left have blamed Biden for re-instituting a policy that makes it tougher for migrants to seek asylum on humanitarian grounds. With a crisis that could have been easily avoided, it remains to be seen whether Biden will continue to make poor decisions that ultimately endanger America’s place in the world.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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