CNN Anchors Staging MUTINY Over Trump Town Hall

CNN, the leftist propaganda machine, is at it again. On Wednesday they held a town hall with former President Donald Trump in New Hampshire as he looks to secure the Republican nomination for another potential term as President. The event earned record viewership, even surpassing Anderson Cooper’s primetime show, which likely explains Cooper’s outrage. It seems that if Cooper can’t have the spotlight, he doesn’t want anyone to have it.

Cooper started Thursday night’s show in a melodramatic fashion, bursting into tears as he lamented the CNN town hall. He scolded the network for inviting Trump, stating that many of their viewers were “deeply angry and disappointed” about the event. Cooper even went as far as excusing viewers for boycotting the network because of its decision to invite Trump. It’s quite tiresome to hear these leftists encourage people to silence opposing voices rather than engage in a healthy debate.

The leftist media knows who Trump is and what he’s all about, yet they chose to host the town hall anyway. CNN should be commended for having the courage to give the former President a platform to present his views to the American people. But Cooper and his fellow anchor Jake Tapper appeared to be in a frenzy about it, so perhaps CNN was hoping to appease their more radical viewers.

It’s no surprise that CNN is biased against conservatism. But during a focus group after the town hall, one member of the audience pointed out that the media is also responsible for perpetuating the narrative surrounding Trump’s presumed aspirations to run in 2020. Couldn’t the media ask about 2024 instead? It’s time for CNN to stop being partisan and start serving the truth. We should be impressed by the network’s decision to host the town hall, but instead, we’re left with Cooper’s whining and Tapper’s tears.

Thankfully, Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” offered some light relief by mocking the justifiable criticisms from the ladies on “The View”. The focus group’s observation should be noted, and CNN CEO Chris Licht should continue to stand by the network’s decision to host the town hall. America was served well by what was seen on Wednesday night.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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