Defiant House Committee Summons Secretary Austin – The Real Scoop!

In a spectacular display of incompetence, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has managed to bungle the handling of his own medical issues. Despite his attempts to keep his diagnosis private, it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery last month. To make matters worse, Austin was readmitted to the hospital and ended up in the intensive care unit, all while his colleagues and even President Joe Biden were unaware of his condition. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathy Hicks was not informed of his hospitalization until four days later, while she was on scheduled leave in Puerto Rico. The lack of transparency and poorly executed cover-up is just another example of the ineptitude of the Biden administration.

To add insult to injury, audio of the 911 call made by one of Austin’s aides was obtained by The Daily Beast. In the call, the aide requested that first responders be subtle in their approach to Austin’s residence, further implicating Austin’s staff in the attempt to keep his hospitalization under wraps. It’s clear that Austin’s desire for privacy came at the expense of the truth and potentially compromised his ability to fulfill his duties as Secretary of Defense.

Now, Austin faces the prospect of testifying in front of Congress about the debacle, which could be the worst news he could receive in the midst of this disaster. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has called for Austin’s testimony and has raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding his hospitalization. Rogers has also expressed alarm over the number of unanswered questions from Austin, Hicks, and Austin’s chief of staff, Kelly Magsamen. The congressman believes that information is being withheld from Congress and has called for a Full Committee hearing to get to the bottom of the situation.

The calls for Austin’s resignation are growing, even from within his own party. Democratic Rep. Chris Deluzio has lost trust in Austin’s leadership and has called on him to step down. Another Democrat, Rep. Seth Moulton, has said that if he were president, he would fire Austin in a heartbeat. The lack of transparency and disregard for the chain of command is unacceptable, and it’s clear that Austin’s actions have put the country at risk.

In the end, Austin’s attempts to maintain privacy at all costs have backfired. Not only will he have to reveal his medical condition in public testimony, but he will also have to explain why he essentially went AWOL on America during a time of global instability. The Biden administration’s obsession with hiding the truth and downplaying the importance of age and health is not just irresponsible, it’s dangerous. And now, Austin will have to face the consequences of his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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