Dems Hit Panic Button on Border Mess, Coons Admits Crisis!

On Thursday morning, the Biden Campaign Co-Chair Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) appeared on “CNN This Morning” and made some interesting comments about the Democrats’ shifting border policy. Co-host Phil Mattingly asked the tough questions, wondering if the Democrats are suddenly changing their tune on immigration restrictions due to the sheer chaos happening at the border. And you won’t believe what Sen. Coons had to say!

Coons admitted that Democrats are finally waking up to the border crisis and are starting to consider some restrictions on immigration. Can you believe it? It’s about time they acknowledged the mess that’s been happening right under their noses for years. He mentioned that the Democrats are finally willing to reconsider the asylum process and maybe even tighten the screening standard. It’s like he’s admitting the Democrats have been living in a dream world for the past few years!

But hold on to your hat, folks, because Coons didn’t stop there. He also hinted that many Democrats are still skeptical about the Republicans’ proposed policy changes. It’s like they can’t make up their minds! In true Democrat fashion, they want to avoid making any real changes and push for “regional engagement” instead. It’s the same old story – why fix the problem when we can just talk about it, right?

Coons made sure to throw in some jabs at the Republicans, suggesting that most Democrats doubt their policy changes will make any difference. Surprise, surprise! It’s like the Democrats are living in a completely different reality. And then he had the nerve to blame the “re-election campaign politics” for getting in the way of finding a solution. Classic deflecting – blame the other side for your own incompetence.

In the end, it’s clear that the Democrats are still playing politics with the border crisis. While they may say they’re willing to reconsider some policies, it’s likely just another ploy to distract from their lack of action. Shame on them! Let’s hope they stop stalling and start working with Republicans to actually fix the border instead of just talking about it.

Written by Staff Reports

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