Dem Mayor Caught: Illegal Voting Scandal Rocks Miami Beach!

Another day and another Democrat political scandal is exposed. This time it’s North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo who has been arrested for illegal voting. Amidst allegations that he voted in a district he no longer resided in, DeFillipo faces up to 15 years in prison and hefty fines.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, State Attorney for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, stated the evidence shows “(DeFillipo) voted illegally three times.” In August, October, and November 2022 DeFillipo voted in a district he was no longer a resident of. Police used cell phone data to track the democrat on the days he participated in illegal voting and found his presence in Miami-Dade before traveling to cast his ballot.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office confirmed DeFillipo’s arrest just before 10 a.m. Wednesday, holding a news conference Wednesday afternoon on his arrest for “voting irregularities.” Fernandez Rundle said that DeFillipo “deliberately swore to false information as alleged in this case, eats at the credibility of our voting and electoral systems.”

Michael Pizzi, the Mayor’s attorney, has called the charges against his client a “political hit job.” Yet, as we all know, when Democrats do something illegal or immoral, it’s never their fault and always a vast right-wing conspiracy at work.

It’s incredibly shameful that yet another Democratic politician is facing criminal charges. Voting is a fundamental right that must be protected and respected. The fact that a sitting mayor blatantly violated the laws is disgusting, and there should be no place for such dishonest individuals in public service. Let’s hope justice is served, and the people’s faith in the voting process is restored in North Miami Beach.

Written by Staff Reports

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