DeSantis vs Disney: Epic 2024 Showdown for America’s Soul & Kids’ Futures

As the 2024 presidential election draws near, Republican governor Ron DeSantis’s feud with Walt Disney World has been a long-fought battle for conservative values. Although many Democrats have applauded Walt Disney’s “woke agenda” targeting children, DeSantis has stood up to the giant corporation and refused to back down.

However, some Republicans have criticized DeSantis’s fight with Disney, claiming that it is a “cat and mouse game” that has gone on for too long. Representative Greg Steube from Florida argued that voters would not find DeSantis’s animosity towards Disney attracive, thus jeopardizing his chances in the 2024 election. “It seems this like tit-for-tat that is going back and forth between DeSantis in the governor’s office and Disney. You’re even seeing state legislators start to say like, ‘This is ridiculous,'” Steube said, adding that the governor has used the legislature as a tool for his political vendetta against Disney.

Despite Steube’s criticism, he did agree that DeSantis is correct in exposing Disney’s woke agenda that targets children. It is highly refreshing that a politician has taken the initiative to eliminate Disney’s movies from his household and no longer visit its theme parks. A Republican strategist acknowledged that the governor’s feud with Disney has reached a boiling point, but DeSantis has no choice but to win the battle to avoid losing potential voters. DeSantis responded by vowing not to step down and allow corporations to continue indoctrinating children.

“Can you believe that? Some of these Republicans are attacking me for standing up to Disney,” DeSantis said amid cheers from a South Carolina crowd. “We oppose the sexualization of children. We will do battle with anybody that seeks to rob us of their innocence. And on those principles, there will be no compromise. We will never back down!”

DeSantis’s refusal to give in has demonstrated his willingness to take action and stand up for conservative values in the face of opposition from the liberal media establishment and woke corporations like Disney. The fight between the two parties began after Disney condemned DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill that restricted the discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in the classroom without parental consultation, to which Disney retaliated. Thus, DeSantis dissolved the corporation’s self-governing status over Reedy Creek Improvement District to counter their opposition.

This battle between Disney and DeSantis is not only a fight for the soul of our nation but also represents a distinct battle between conservatism and progressivism. DeSantis has shown us that he is a warrior who will stand up for what is right and fight for our children’s future. Republicans should rally behind Governor DeSantis to ensure that woke corporations like Disney do not continue to brainwash and manipulate our children with their progressive agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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