Dem Rep Calls Out Biden Team For Sheltering Him From The Public

Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California has expressed disappointment in the Biden administration and their unwillingness to let Joe Biden speak for himself. In a recent interview with Fox News, Khanna criticized Biden’s staff, suggesting that they have been overprotecting him and preventing him from doing more press conferences.

Khanna, who believes in democracy, is not alone in his frustration. Presidential candidates Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have also criticized the Democratic National Committee’s decision to not hold debates during the 2024 primaries.

Despite being a popular and empathetic person, Biden has only held 23 press conferences since his presidency began. Interestingly, former President Donald Trump who was constantly scrutinized by the media held 21 press conferences in his first year alone.

Khanna encouraged the administration to allow Biden to be himself in front of the press. He stated that American democracy is built on the idea of transparency, and the public deserves to hear from the President directly.

It is time for Biden to step up and show his authenticity. The American people deserve to hear from the President, and it is essential that they know what their elected leader is thinking about important issues. Biden has to be transparent as a leader and answer questions that the public is asking. It is only then that America can truly rebuild its trust in the White House.

Overall, Khanna’s comments leave us with a lot to think about. Biden’s staff should not be over protecting him from the media. Press conferences serve as an opportunity for the President to engage and connect with his constituents. So, let’s see the authentic President Biden!

Written by Staff Reports

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