New Report Exposes Jill Biden’s Shadow Presidency

Recent reporting from Politico reveals that the First Lady, Jill Biden, has a prominent role in managing and guiding major strategic decisions, which are then attributed to her husband, President Joe Biden. This includes the recent announcement of Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024, a decision that many speculated he was not capable of making due to his age and health concerns. Politico’s report paints Jill Biden’s involvement in her husband’s political decisions in a positive and endearing light, despite the fact that she is essentially running the show.

The report discusses how Jill Biden encouraged her husband to run for re-election while giving him the space he needed to process the decision. She was involved in all high-level discussions surrounding the decision and provided counsel when she felt it was necessary. Politico’s sources reveal that Jill Biden is usually in the room when senior campaign staff are presenting strategy to her husband, and she often asks questions. She is also said to be the closer for Biden, providing unfiltered advice before he reaches a decision.

While the mainstream media portrayed former President Ronald Reagan as being controlled by his wife, Nancy, Jill Biden’s involvement in her husband’s decisions is seen as endearing and sweet. In reality, however, Jill Biden is enjoying the perks of her position and is even expected to keep up an intense travel schedule during her husband’s re-election campaign. According to Politico, she already boasts the most travel among the four White House principals.

What’s clear from Politico’s report is that Jill Biden enjoys wielding significant power in her husband’s decision-making process. Though she is not an elected official, she has transformed from an educator to a senator’s wife, to second lady, to first lady, each time used to the benefits that come with each additional step up the ladder of political power. Now, she is the one who issues the final “gut check” on Biden’s decisions, participates in top-level meetings, and wields significant power in the President’s decision-making process. It appears that the First Lady is enjoying herself, and doesn’t want her husband to retire just yet.

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