REPORT: Hunter Biden To Receive Backdoor Pardon

It is high time for justice to be served, and Hunter Biden is starting to feel the pressure as evidence of his family's corruption and shady business dealings continue to surface. The Biden family's questionable actions have been brought to light, and the more information that comes to light, the more apparent it is that they are a group of individuals involved in dishonest behavior.

An IRS senior agent recently received whistle-blower protection status and will provide testimony regarding Justice Department obstruction that has delayed the criminal inquiry into Hunter Biden. Even insiders at both the FBI and IRS expressed their frustration with the lack of progress made by the US Attorney in Delaware, who has yet to file charges despite completing the investigation over a year ago.

The most reprehensible part of this situation is that the Biden campaign orchestrated a deceitful letter from 51 alleged Intelligence Community "experts," claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was a fake and that it was part of Russian disinformation efforts. It is appalling that they would resort to lies in order to conceal their unlawful activities.

Adding insult to injury, it was recently disclosed that lawyers representing Hunter Biden had a confidential meeting with representatives from the DOJ, indicating that a plea bargain could be in the works. If the deal goes through, Hunter would receive a light punishment for minor charges and be granted immunity from more severe charges that would implicate other members of the Biden family, including the President himself.

Granting immunity to Hunter Biden through a potential plea bargain would essentially be an indirect form of pardon. It would demonstrate that the Biden family has little regard for the principles of the legal system and that they are willing to disregard laws in order to safeguard themselves. Nevertheless, Representative Jim Jordan has vowed to use all available means to ensure that justice prevails and that they are answerable for their conduct.

Written by Staff Reports

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