Democrat Seth Moulton Joins Calls for Biden to Abandon 2024 Race

Rep. Seth Moulton has become the latest Democrat to join the anti-Biden brigade, calling for President Biden to pull the plug on his presidential aspirations after his flub-filled performance at last week’s Georgia debate. Looks like the Democrats are finally ready to admit what conservatives have been saying for years – Joe Biden is simply not up to the job.

Moulton, a Congressman from Massachusetts, suggested to Boston’s WBUR radio that the President should take a cue from George Washington and step down to let new leaders take the stage against Donald Trump. He stopped short of prescribing the next steps, instead delivering the chestnut that Democrats are having “deep, honest conversations” about Biden’s future and the party’s direction. Watching this camp of career politicians scramble for the lifeboats is quite the spectacle.

Moulton isn’t exactly going solo on this crusade. He’s been joined by Reps. Lloyd Doggett of Texas and Raul Grijalva of Arizona are suddenly singing the same tune about Biden’s viability against Trump. One wonders if they’ve been comparing notes or just sharing the same teleprompter. Whether they truly believe this or are just reading the writing on the wall, there’s clear panic in the Democratic camp.

Despite these calls for his exit, the Biden camp insists they stick to the script and stay in the race. With all the confidence of a man not living in reality, the President declared via Zoom that no one was pushing him out. And why should they? The Democratic rules bind most delegates to support him unless he decides to make an honorable exit—an unlikely event given Joe’s stubborn streak.

Watching the Democratic Party’s internal drama unfold is akin to a reality TV series. Although Moulton and company are making noise, the reality remains that unless Biden has an epiphany and voluntarily steps aside, the stage is set for another mind-numbing election cycle with him at the helm. The Democrats have once again proven to be masters of the mess, unable to find their way out of the quagmire they’ve created.

Written by Staff Reports

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