Democrat U-Turn: Lawmaker Pleads for Tighter Borders Amid Biden’s Crisis!

President Joe Biden is facing serious challenges to his re-election campaign, as even members of his own Democratic Party are beginning to speak out against the unchecked illegal immigration crisis. New York State Democratic Assemblywoman Jaime Williams has voiced her concerns about the growing crisis in her Brooklyn district, particularly as it has led to the relocation of nearly 2,000 migrants to a high school, forcing students into virtual learning. Williams emphasizes the need to address the issue by closing the borders, stating that it is unfair to American citizens who are being put at a disadvantage. She expresses her outrage at the disruption caused to education and the prioritization of illegal immigrants over American children.

Williams’ admission is not an isolated incident within the Democratic Party. Senator John Fetterman from Pennsylvania has also acknowledged the severity of the problem, stating that it is wrong to dismiss concerns about the influx of 270,000 migrants in one month as “xenophobic.” Other Democrats, such as New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, have similarly admitted that their sanctuary cities are overwhelmed with migrants and struggling to provide basic necessities.

While some Democrats attempt to shift the blame onto Republican lawmakers who sent busloads of illegal immigrants to their jurisdictions, the direct impact on their constituents is undeniable. The Republican governors of Texas and Florida, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, brought the problem to the Democrats’ doorstep, allowing voters to see firsthand the consequences of open borders, including crime, poverty, and the impact on their children.

These challenges to Biden’s open borders policy may prove to be the final straw for his re-election bid. With his own party turning against him on this issue, Biden’s chances are crumbling under the weight of his incompetence. However, it should be noted that the 2024 election itself is under threat, as leftist elites seek to manipulate the system and deny the American people a true choice. The Western Journal, an outlet fighting against the corrupt media and elites, is calling for support to continue the fight to protect the integrity of future elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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